Diary Of A Gambler

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You may or may not know I was born and lived most of my life in Las Vegas. You know those stories about losing everything in Vegas? This is NOT one of them! $$$

Diary Of A Gambler

Well here we are and its another noisy day, hammers and saws banging and buzzing from the home renovation next door and its only 8am when I first woke up to it. The landlords baby is screaming so loud I can hear it in our bedroom. I actually thought of taking down a fat silver roll of construction tape to her to put on her kids mouth, it would have been a sarcastic joke with a serious point... SHUT YOUR KID UP!

My mental wheels of inspiration are not rolling too good yet for blogging so I figured I would just say one in favor of Gambling since I have been seeing some posting against gambling. I will begin with a little "me history"......

I was born in Las Vegas Nevada, "Sin City" and pretty much lived most of my life there. I was married at one time, had a child who lived her whole life there (she is now 20 yrs old). I was about 35 yrs old the first time I gambled. The game was Blackjack also known as 21 that I first started having fun with. I was pretty good at it, I even got a tattoo on my left hand of an Ace and King of Spades on fire lol. I was good! I didn't count cards, I managed bets and timed my win / loss bet amounts to be in my favor, kind of hard to explain really but it was very effective. After some time of kicking butt all the time I got bored and began drinking when I played which caused me to not stick to strategy and lose later in the night. This is the point where I did what any gambler should do.... walk away from gambling.

A couple years later I found a bar near the house that had great food and some really cool bartenders so it became a bit of an after work spot. Well in Las Vegas in the bars they have counter top Gambling Machines and if you sit long enough eventually your curiosity gets the best of you and bzzzzzzzzz you slide in a $20 bill and say "what the heck".

My game of choice - 4 card Keno. I did what everyone does... picked random numbers and bombed! Looks easier than it is. I am very competitive and more competitive against my own abilities than anything so that $20 bill was followed up by another $20 bill and a Strategy began in my head. I played with it a little, mixed up my ideas and then after about $100 had been absorbed into the machine it happened, I hit 6 out of 6 for a win of $400. Now thinking I was pretty awesome at this point I stayed and played on the winnings and lost about half of it back and decided to go home. Math time - I started with $100 and lost most of it, won $400 and lost half of that meaning I was $100 ahead, I got my original $100 back and left with one of theirs.

I found a new hobby! I know what you're thinking, oh boy... here comes the horror story! Wrong, you see a SMART GAMBLER does not let his game change, he always tries to improve it. He never loses control letting his emotions play the game. He knows when to stay and when to go. HE ALWAYS REMEMBERS "It is only entertainment or occupation" and never turns into and auto button pushing robot whose brain has turned off. This is me today, telling all of you... I did it right, I did it so well people paid me to do it for them too! I developed patterns to the game that would give me up to 5 wins a night sometimes of $400-$1,700 per win.

I did so well that an hour playing on my lunch break at work would pay more than that months combined paycheck and that's when I decided "why go to work?" I took 2 years off from working and supported myself by playing Keno, I traveled from America to the Philippines several times, did all the touristy things on my trip, paid my bills and had a ton of fun!

Earlier I mentioned having a 20yr old, me being born in Vegas etc... there was a point for that ... I have been seeing posts that depict Las Vegas as "HELL" and it is not, hell is something you create yourself. I saw these references "full of homosexuality, prostitution, gambling addiction, drugs, STD's, violence etc".... PUHLEASE!!!
Tell me one place that doesn't have all those things? Only difference is Las Vegas doesn't hide it lol. You know what makes all those things matter? YOU and what YOU do with them! My daughter is 20yrs old, she has 2 jobs, one she is a supervisor at and she goes to college full time. As for me, I don't gamble anymore... I took advantage of not being locked down and still had some travel money left and moved to the Philippines with no cravings for gambling at all. Also let me add ... I am not a homosexual, have no STD's, I am not an alcoholic or drug addict (I had been and it started long before living in Las Vegas), I do not have violence issues nor am I Addicted to gambling.

Weak people allow weak things to happen, not the environment.

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author avatar Roselyn
30th Jul 2013 (#)

I enjoy reading you article although I don't understand fully some of the gambling terms. But what I like most is your last statement..."I am not a homosexual, have no STD's, I am not an alcoholic or drug addict"... You're really such an honest person. Cheers!

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author avatar Evanxbls
30th Jul 2013 (#)

I don't believe in weak people in a sense. People are strong, but some choose to be weak. To me, it all boils down to mind over matter.

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author avatar jenny1015
31st Jul 2013 (#)

I enjoy each of the post that you make.It is very informative as well as you let your readers know who you really are.

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author avatar Trillionaire
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for the read.

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author avatar Bipolar Blogger
31st Jul 2013 (#)

lol @jenny1015 I maybe let them know too much sometimes! lol

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
31st Jul 2013 (#)

I'm not familiar with gambling and I always see it as dark side. I'm sure you're really happy with your life now

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