Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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Article about the Dawn of the Dinosaurs game (betting and many more)

Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Editor's Note

Dawn of the Dinosaurs starts out very nice. You're in a jungle setting and all of a sudden a Tyrannosaurus Rex comes crashing out of the jungle right in your face, followed by a group of Raptors coming from the left and running right. This is a 5-reel, 25-line game that has several interesting features as well as very nice graphics. The cool features are a combat-style bonus game, free spins, and "extra" wilds, which are collected T-Rex Eggs that can complete combos between T-Rex symbols. The free spins are also "collected", meaning you have to collect 4 Lava Rocks in the volcano to start the free spins feature. These are very difficult to get to as well as the bonus game, at least in my experience. The Raptor Clash bonus game is a fighting game as I said. You get to it by getting 3 Bonus symbols, which is a close-up of T-Rex's teeth. You have 5 rounds to defeat your opponent. You pick between tail, claw, and bite. Get your opponent's health bar all the way down and you win! I won over $7000 myself. Now, let's take a look at the top prize available in Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

How to Win the Top Jackpot

There is no jackpot in Dawn of the Dinosaurs, however, don't let that discourage you. There is still a top prize to be had. That prize is 1000 times your line bet, which at the max line bet makes the top prize $10000. That isn't huge by any means, but hey, money is money, right? You get this $10000 by getting 5 T-Rex symbols on a payline. In most games the top prize is gained by 5 Wilds but in this game the Wilds make no payouts by themselves; they only serve as a completion to combos of other symbols. Now, let's look at the other symbols in this game and their payouts.

Other Symbols

Listed below are the other symbols of Dawn of the Dinosaurs and their payouts, highest and lowest listed only. All values shown are multiplied by the amount bet per line. I want to go over the other special symbols real quick first though.

Lava Rocks- These aren't regular symbols and appear at random. When you collect 4 of them, free spins are activated. You then get a choice of how many free spins you want. The multiplier for you wins is dependent upon how many you pick. Less spins, higher multiplier.
T-Rex With Egg- Sometimes you get a T-Rex symbol with an egg in its mouth. These eggs are collected and used automatically when there are 2 T-Rex symbols on a payline that are separated by another symbol. The egg completes the T-Rex combo for a payout equivalent to 3 T-Rex symbols.
Triceratops- This dangerous rumbling beast pays out 500 for 5 on a payline and 4 for 2 on a payline.
Raptor- This vicious monster pays 400 for 5 on a payline and 3 for 2 on a payline.
Dilophosaur- This double-crested dinosaur has the fictional neck frill and pays out 300 for 5 on a payline and 2 for 2 on a payline.
Ace- This fossilized print pays out 125 for 5 on a payline and 10 for 3 on a payline.
King- Etched in stone, 5 Kings pay out 100 and 3 Kings pay out 8.
Queen- This ancient symbol pays 75 for 5 on a payline and 6 for 3.
Jack- 50 is the payout for 5 Jacks on a payline and 4 is the payout for 3 on a payline.
Ten- 5 Tens pays you 30 and 3 Tens pays you 3. Now, let's take a look at the betting limits in Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Betting Limits

The betting limits for Dawn of the Dinosaurs are taken from the demo version since, due to the site; I am unable to get the betting limits from the pay version without actually making a deposit and playing. I remind you that Dawn of the Dinosaurs has 25 lines and they are all automatically active. There is no payline selection here. The maximum that you can bet per line is $10, which makes your total max bet per spin $250. Overall, I really enjoyed this game. The graphics are really awesome and the bonus game is like nothing I've ever seen. I didn't collect enough Lava Rocks to do the free spins, but the setup is unlike any other I've seen. Also, the combo completing T-Rex Eggs is unique. I've only seen Wilds complete combos before. If you're a fan of dinosaurs, then this game is sure to make you smile. As always, have fun and good luck!


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