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Casino experience, you should read and comment to share tips, plays and some knowledge

Casino, overview of a year experience

Casino games are a good way to make money, or not. Despise easy money that they tell us that we can earn, that isn't clear as pure water. The first recommendation that i can give to you is: read all the terms and conditions that your casino house have. Don´t deposit any of your money in a casino that don't have terms and regulations. There are a few aspects that you can know reading those long texts. One of them is if there is no deposit bonus be ware how much the the rollover. some casino give you 50 euros for just sign up, but u need to trade between lost money and wining money. That's the rollover, the amount of money you earn and lost by playing games.
My second recommendation is that make some research about the games you want play. If you want to play some live casino games, be sure that you know what are u doing. Don´t even think betting your money in games to learn playing them. When a new games comes up, i have 3 golden rules: First, Watch and learn the game. Second, calculate the odds that will give you some prize, and after this, the THIRD rule, and the most important one, lost some time calculate if you bet is profitable. For an example, in slot machines, if you play for bonus game, don't bet more that 0.1% of you balance per line. that a mistake. Further i will post more about this. Today just a few basics.
After this comes the payment time. for the most casinos on the internet you must make a deposit first before you can withdraw some of you earnings. The most ridiculous situation that ever happened to me was in of those popular casinos. So i was playing with 20 euros, and i just wanted to try the slots machines. Slot chosen, bets per line and amount of bet chosen. so lets play. After 10 plays i got 1 game bonus, and i won 200euros. Pretty cool, and i was ready to withdraw that money. I talked to one of that customers services and they said that if i wanted cashout i needed to deposit a 20 minimum, and so i did. 5 min later 220 euros and i was ready to receive my cash. But no... After the deposit, i won 20 more euros from bonus of the 1st deposit with the rollover of 20. i couldn't believe. I needed to wager 800 euros of my new rollover. So be careful, if you want to withdraw some some money just refuse that 1st deposit bonus. its a way that they have for you stay and play a little more.
So if you are a lucky guy its easy make money, but you need some hard work and knowledge of the casino terms.


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10th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for the tips!

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10th May 2014 (#)

Thanks you for reading my text. I hope you enjoy it and like it.I will do my best to post more information in this category

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