Casino Exposed Killer Method not martingale

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This is not the redblack strategy this is a better one!

Real Roulette Strategy

The method is to win with the best percentages in the French Roulette, is based entirely on the calculation of probabilities and gives you an incredible source of income, see for yourself, we have already done and have decided to share this wonderful method you.

When you open the game French Roulette in any of the online casinos we suggest you, it starts betting the way you indicated and earn at least 87% of the opportunities.

Make a bet 3 € in 1-18 Manque pays 1-1 and placed another bet 2 € in the third trio that pays 2 to 1, in this way you cover 30 of the 36 numbers left out the following range of numbers: 0, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24

How is it possible ? If the ball stops at any number between 1 and 18 gain 3 € losing 2 € , with a real gain of 1 € , if the ball stops between 25 and 36 anyway you earn 1 € , but if in both , you'll earn € 7. Thus profits are safe , you should always follow only our suggestion and not spend money on other techniques. If you gain 1 € with 87 % of chance every 30 seconds in one day is possible to earn at least 200 € . According to the laws of probability , in 1000 bets is possible to lose up to 200 times and the possibility of losing 4 times in a row are 1/ 1000, so we suggest you to fly the element of chance and use in your favor. If you lose, double your two bets € +4 € 6 so that you will gain at least 2 € at every opportunity, if you lose twice after doubling the bet doubles again to 9 +6 € € , so you recover so Instant money you lost temporarily in the game. After winning back to maximum 2 times the original bet 3 € +2 € ! The best way to make money are here for you! Select one of the casinos operated by Playtech that are tested and comply with the calculation of probabilities. Download, register and make a deposit of at least 50 € !
You can try this method here, click the link!

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
11th Mar 2014 (#)

An interesting article. It is something that I might use if I play the game. Normally I play slots machine or bingo.

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