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In our daily life betting is always done on anything to win then it maybe cricket or a horse race....

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Daily there is a lot of betting going on everywhere,

We see that betting is good but a lot of money is required for betting and you got to have a heart to loose all the money you bet if you don't then you may get a heart attack or something else.In many games betting is done but not seen.The cricket match being held in some season there there's a lot of betting done and people who win really earn a lot of money.People who loose the bet they loose some money too and then later that's not it they again try to collect some money from elsewhere and again bet till they win......

Betting is also done on horse race and a big amount.Many people gather the rich and the average caste people who can afford to bet,they bet a big amount and place the bet on the running horse,if that horse wins then they become rich with that great amount atleast horse betting is done openly in the stadium but cricket betting can't be done openly because in cricket if the players are caught then they will be banned from the match and the team,some players do betting to earn extra income although they get so much facility in the team but they are greedy and want more.In cricket they are given each and every facility for the player where a normal player from outside does not get this facility.........

Betting in a way for ex:- if the player is asked to drop the catch or get out during the match he does so and in doing so he gets the money wanted and this happens in reality but nobody is known about the happening because everything is done in secrecy and the person doing so is rewarded a handsome amount and if these players are caught or any of the team coach or department knows about this then maybe the player will be sent to jail too since he plays for our country and if the people come to know about him cheating then they will not let him live alive in the same country.So you see there are advantages and disadvantages of betting in cricket................

So friends betting is done all over and every game only the difference is nobody can be known or told about this because its illegal and not everybody is fortunate to earn money like this because if the person wins his life is set.Betting is good and bad too if you win you live life king size and if you loose you come on the streets thats reality.So you got to take risk in betting hope you liked the article and information on betting......

Betting depends on luck try it or risk it that depends on you.But always play safe....

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19th Sep 2011 (#)

is it not a risk, but what is life without risks eh?

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