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This is an insight to the preliminary of what type of odds to see on the bookmakers.

Fractional and Decimal Odd

Betting odds can quite be confusing and at first sight may discourage people from sport betting. Most bookmakers makes there odds in 'decimal', and others in 'fractional', but most will give option for both formats. Fractional odds are an option of the past. Primarily in the UK fractional odds were, and still are largely used. With the advent of online betting many bookmakers now default to the decimal system, however it is useful to know the interpretation of the two format.

Decimal Odd

Bookmakers commonly makes odds in a decimal format. Decimal odds make things easy since you do not have to deal with fractions and calculating winnings using more complicated fractions like 8/5.
Decimal odds, unlike fractional odds format, reflect a multiplier that will give you your total return (winnings plus stake). For instance, if a team are 7/1 in fractional odds, this would equal 8.00 in decimal odds. If you put £1 on an outcome at decimal odds of 8.00 you will win £8 total returns (simply 1 multiplied by 8.00).
Decimal odds are simply a multiplier by which you can multiply your unit stake and calculate your total returns (winnings plus returned stake).

Fractional Odd

Fractional odds are the traditional odds we see in the bookmakers quote such as 10/1 or 6/4. Simply treat them like fractions. If you divide the first number by the second, you will get a multiplier. For example, 10/1 means that whatever you stake on this bet you will receive 10 times your stake back if you win. So, £1 on a 10/1 bet will give you £10 winnings. For £1 on 6/4 you just need to divide 6 by 4, giving you a multiplier of 1.5. Therefore if you stake £1 on a 6/4 bet you will return winnings of £1.50.
When you bet and win you also get your stake back on top of your winnings. So, £1 at 10/1 will give you £10 (winnings), plus your £1 stake back equalling a total return of £11, and £1 at 6/4 will give you £1.50 (winnings), plus your £1 stake back equalling a total return of £2.50.


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