Be Certain (The power of intuition in any betting)

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Sure, this is about using intuition genuinely productively to makes "games of chance" more like "games of certainty" through intuition.

The power of intuition in any game comes through this factor and this factor only.

Even if you are agitated, even if you are nervous about a bet you are making. I can only say this: Relax. That is the most powerful thing you can do to get your intuition to work for you. Have you not seen proof of this fact in everything, fact or fiction. That is why I am not making this first section too long, because, anyone experienced in betting or playing knows intuition works best when relaxed and not desperate, nervous or irrationally expectant. Let me explain something about irrational expectancy here: I should have mentioned this first when intuition is involved. The biggest losers are irrationally expectant when really looked at, and that is the majority of players. The "luckiest" players you notice are the ones who take the gambling games of any sort the least seriously, yet the most relaxedly confident. So, when I say, "relax", that is the most powerful thing you can do, that is what I mean.

I remember reading about the work of Dr. Joseph Banks Rhine, and the best results he got in his tests with predicting the outcome of a machine rolling regular dice. He got the best results from people who were relaxed, the worst results came from people who were irrationally expectant. I mention this, because this basic fact is true in anything, including lottery gambling or any games, including sports.

But then, agitation in anything, chance filled or not, is bad. You can fail at the easiest thing if you are nervous when really thought about. So, the real power of intuition comes from being genuinely relaxed in a productive, creative and powerfully comprehensive way that is alert, yet not desperate.

The solitary thought.

Here is what you do with your goal: Keep your mind on what you want in a relaxed, yet alert way when investing, betting or whatever. Relaxedly, yet alertly follow your intuition, even when seemingly on "the wrong track", and especially when on "the wrong track". Indeed, "the wrong track" is simply following your conscious mind whims and not your genuine subconscious mind reality. That can be remedied pretty easily by calming down and asking yourself genuinely and deeply, what is real about the situation and if you are following your genuine goal or bluffing and lying to yourself to satisfy your conscious emotions.

In reality, though, as the Christian Bible says, you must have "one eye" or "be a one-eyed man" when pursuing what you really want. That means: Keep your mind on your goal alertly, powerfully, but still flexibly and relaxedly in a balanced way that works for you. Do not have too many things going at once, that will tend to work you up unproductively and overload you. That brings me to another point: The genuine "solitary thought" I am writing about is the electronic-like sixth sense which works like an electrical current in your spirit, from a higher to a lower potential, or from a higher frequency to a lower amplitude in that you must go from nervously pursuing to doing what needs to be done in a relaxed and alert businesslike way. Think about this, the bigger the goal is personally for you, the more this is a reality.

I know, on the first reading this may not make too much sense, but read with relaxed and working understanding a few times, and fully understand the first section before you really come to this one or go on.

Get somewhere, through a patient return on investment instead of betting on chance.

Understanding what you are wagering on for a return, helps. It always helps genuinely. Unfortunately, pure chance is almost never repeatable, but the sort of understanding I am writing about can be repeatable. Real loss comes from desperation and dependence on chance. For example, in horse racing and cards (especially "regular home games" with "regular players"), the return on investment through patience is high, because you have developed your investment and there is not as much gambling and irrational gaming involved, especially over a long exposure to the experience of playing with the same people and developing your investment.

Betting on chance when understanding fully the concept I am talking about makes for the ultimate losing battle, because there is within that person the capacity for patient development of investment.

Under certain conditions is chance and luck repeatable, but patience always wins out ultimately over the "repeatable fluke" or lucky breaks.

Myself, I prefer a patient return on investment strategy that depends on a steady flow rather than one big "lucky" lottery-like pot one-time. Think, all of the best intuition depends on a patient return on investment rather than the chance taken blindly. Think about it deeply and you will indeed understand what I am intimating or the best moves are the most realistically developed over time and patience ideally. But, I do mean in an ideal way and situation. The worst are entered into without thought, patience and dependence on chance.

The River (Depend on luck or depend on rational return of investment)

Slow returns through interest or quick returns through luck, or whatever works, it is all a choice. It is all like a river, and you can step in the same winning or losing spots at different times with the eddies and currents of the river. What you see from the banks only tells so much until you fish, swim and do everything in it.

Real dependence on luck is for silly whimsical losers who sometimes win through chance. A return on an investment is always better and more assured. It is almost like the story of the serious ant and the playful grasshopper, but that is the reality of all situations. Life is like working with a river in this sense: Fearful dependence on luck will lead to trouble even if you win leaving long but dry spots in the river. Patient development and understanding will lead to rational returns on investments as a dam controls the water flow and makes the river work productively.


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