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The abuse and training of race horses in America the pitfalls and poor horsemanship lacking in modern horse racing in America , the best horseman these days would be the German Jerry Hollandorfer

Del Mar 2010

She, Art Viva was running loose the first time I laid eyes on her running the wrong way which is in fact the right way to Art Viva since she was an European import, along the outside fence on the main track at Del Mar that July 2010, of course I recognized those blazing initials on her saddle towel BDCA, Ben Cecil who that summer shipped in late due to his premature son the was still in intensive care for premature infants. I swiftly climbed down the stairs that lead to the seating area provided for the trainers that is located high above the chain link fence that contains the horses most of the time save for the entrance and exit gaps. Eventually these chestnut beauty with the long smooth stride began to tire and look for her way home but after just shipping in Art Viva didn't know where home exactly was yet.

Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway is a national heritage site located on the north side of Ireland , there are many stories and legends about this area and it also was the name of a fine race horse that was bred in America but raced mainly in Europe but he was sent to America to compete in the Breeder's Cup against last years Breeder's Cup classic winner Tiznow who was racing on his home track but many thought Giant's Causeway came extremely close to defeating Tiznow who was trainer by the now retired Jay Robbins and just in time since getting stalls at the not so great race place will be more difficult than ever since Hollywood Park will be closing their doors forever facing the wrecking ball after December 22, 2013.
The top line on Giant's Causeway is impeccable sired by Storm Cat who out of Terlingqua, one of trainer D Wayne best filly's and sired by a great broodmare sire herself, Secretariat. Giant Causeway won five Group I races and became Europe's Horse of the Year in 2000 before he was retired to stud at Coolmore Stud Farm in Ireland where he catapulted to leading sire in 2009, 2010 and 2012. Well all I can say is he sure had the breeding for it! Giant's Causeway finish in the 2000 Breeder's Cup Classic was one of the most thrilling of any I have ever seem but losing didn't tarnish his impeccable racing record any as shown by his progeny.

My Return to Racing

After fracturing my spine on a farm in New Jersey I was forced to sit this one out as they say and concentrate on recovery but it inevitably stopped me from doing my job ponying horses back in my state of New Jersey, so after drifting around the country in my motor home I finally realized if I wanted to work on the track again I would have to return to southern California to my overwhelming dismay, I had laid some ground work at the horse sales to go to work for John Sadler and so it was, I arrived early that summer and just kicked back and waited for the horses to arrived after the Del Mar fair had ended. John was true to his word and gave me some broke down filly to pony with some crippled pony I dug up and so my return commenced painfully since it was two WHOLE years since I had ridden a horse or worked. Slowly I got my act together and eventually Art Viva, a nervous problem filly, difficult to ride and going to and from the track was a whole other night mare but that was my specialty and with a few well deserved carrots to bribe her into cooperating we started making progress, unfortunately I have only one photo but I didn't take but it was Ben Cecil's only victory during the only time the Oak Tree meet that was ran at Hollywood Park because the synthetic track at Santa Anita was breaking more horses down than usual if you can believe that and was being replaced by dirt that they had just removed a year or two before, real geniuses over there running Santa Anita.The whole thing was a joke and this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happen like when they have this thing called the turf Festival at Hollywood Park but the grass was a mess and all grass racing was canceled, great, there lay a million dollars of dirt and grass in the parking lot, its no wonder why racing is faltering so badly in California.

The Pacific Classic 2010

Ben had just received a horse from England that for the Classic was still being trained by his British trainer whose name escapes me but after Crowded House's second place in that Pacific Classic this poor horse was doomed by the over training needle happy Cecil who took over as Crowded Houses conditioner and I don't think poor Crowded House ever even hit the board as they say at the track ever again, he was flown all over the world, Canada, Dubai and then on top of that Ben just kept hammering on this horse between races , like he's not fit enough , sometimes less it more but anyway Ben ran an entree in the Pacific Classic, the biggest race at the meet and I was now finally fit enough to begin taking horses to post and my mount was also sired by Giant's Causeway, his name was Isle of Giants and was a useful horse but not for long because Ben eventually ruined him too bowing a tendon but unlike Crowded House Isle of Giants was a gelding, meaning he couldn't be used for breeding as it were

Rest and Recoperation

After Art Viva only victory at Hollywood Park and telling her jockey Brice Blance about the habits of this filly's running style. when she starts off she's seem to be able to run to the moon but after about five eighths of a mile will begin to slow down drastically so I informed Brice of this and suggested he try and conserve some of the early speed so when she enters the stretch and the approaching finish line there is still something in the tank for the finish. Brice obviously listened after working her several times and she won by five lengths, easy as they say but she came out of the race with a very sore shin and a simple inexpensive Reducine blister would have fixed that in 30 days but know Ben the genius listened to those stupid vets and punched a bunch of holes in her shins to no avail and she never made it back to the races, so instead of having a nice race filly they now had an average expensive broodmare since she was completely ruined by his choice of therapy and is now retired or has been sold in some auction. It is incidents like this that has made me lose all respect from these imposters posing as horse trainers, Art Viva is just an example of the poor horsemanship found all over America, sad but true to see the sport I loved so much fall into such disarray.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Dec 2013 (#)

Very sad, hopefully she was kept as a broodmare. So dad what has happened to many horses in the industry. I am not as familiar with it is my wife.

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author avatar April Doornbos
30th Dec 2013 (#)

Of course she was lucky being a female and had residual value as breeding stock with her exceptional bloodlines

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