Are xbox, ps3, Wii and other online games affecting us?

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Negatives of online gaming ! This article is to give some suggestions to those who are online game maniacs.

What we ought to know?

Either it is young generation or the middle,old or kids, it seems the world of gaming took them away from everything.Their life revolves around XboX,PS3,Nintendo Wii ( also Consoles) and other online games. I have seen so many people who come to jobs but spend a whole time or half in talking about these games.
“Excess of everything is bad”,as it is said but we forget this when we do our daily-work or involved too much in games.This is proven fact that sitting in front of computer,tv,and other screens for longer time do affect your sight,mind and physique.So many people would neglect this fact and keep telling them they will play for some time and then get away from these games but it never happens as these games are so addictive.
We spend alot of money on these games.We actually don’t realise we could buy something good with that money which could benefit us instead of buying few accessories and play with them for some time and as soon as they are out-dated or you feel bore with them, then throw them away.This is waste of money and I think no sensible person would waste the hard-earned money on these games and sit in front of screen whole day and night and forget that there is another REAL world which is awaiting. If you are spending the money which is not yours,e.g., which is of your parents or other relatives,then this is another gross act to spend THEIR money on YOUR games which will avail you nothing at the end of the day except for self-procalimed happiness and pastime.

Another worse aspect of these games are that most of them are damaging your health. If you don’t go out,enhale the fresh air,walk around,keep yourself busy in daily works,and just sit at home in front of games,would surely damage your health.If you don’t believe me,go and ask a doctor and you will hear something which you won’t like to hear regarding your health.
Most important and precious thing a human has,TIME! We would be wasting time for nothing.We could spend this time in helping others,sharing our feelings,get socialising,and above all, making ourself happy to meet and greet different people.Unfortunately,the most precious thing of our life is passing rapidly and we are not aware of it.The time is precious which makes yours and others’ lives precious. It was about time when it was said that an arrow out of bow never comes back.You might use it for slip of tongue too but to me,it pefects the “waste of time” where one would always regret and wish had it not been great to utilise the time on something constructive?
( Share your comments please. I would appreciate if you could write in negative and give some proofs for it which means, be constructive and if you like it and know some of your family members or friends,share with them,Thanks).

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author avatar deepa venkitesh
29th Jun 2011 (#)

right you are, i will twet this and lt my son read it because he wants us to buy him a game that costs too much.

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author avatar Asghar Khan
29th Jun 2011 (#)

Thank you very much, deeps, for liking this article. I am pleased to know it might work for some people like you.

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author avatar Funom Makama
12th Oct 2011 (#)

Inspiring and really revealing. I love this piece!

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