An Amazing Day Playing Texas Hold'em

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Here are a few rules and ideas when playing Texas Hold'em Poker. Easy to learn but takes years to become a groomed player.

Playing Texas Hold'em

Playing poker is a way of life. Seriously the game is so much fun that I have to limit myself to playing once a week, or else I would be at the casino everyday. I love to play the game for several reasons. Of course, I love to win money but the comeraderie is special. The table is lively with jokes, fun and of course discussing poker hands. I have decided the three main reasons people play poker:
1. Getting away from the reality of our lives.
2. Chatting and laughing
3. Pulling the winnings in from a hand.

Words about Table Position

Your position at the table is an important determining factor in your betting and playing. In Texas Holdem there are three main positions.
The dealer which is called the Button, as it is not the real dealer.
The small blind: The next one over from the Button
The Big Blind: The next one over from the small blind.
The small blind has to put a bet out--which is determined by the game stakes.
The big Blind has to put a bet out which is larger than the small blind.
The reason for the blinds is that someone could sit all day without betting and that holds the table up.
Following the blinds is a spot called "under the gun". When betting from this position you are at risk for being raised by the rest of the players. It is a good idea to have a strong hand before betting anything.
As the table proceeds, the risk of being raised is lessened.
The spot before the Button is the beginning of betting a little looser, as there are only three people left who can raise your bet.

A Few Betting Factors

When playing limit poker, which means our betting is limited to the stakes of the game.For example lets say the game is a 3/6 betting. You can only bet 3 or if you raise it has to be 6 and so on. Sometimes bluffing in low stakes game does not work, as people will continue betting until the end.

Texas Holdem Cards

In Texas Holdem you get 2 cards and 5 cards are released, and act as community cards.
Pre flop betting takes place before any cards are face up.
The dealer puts 3 cards down and you can see how they work with your 2 cards.
There is a round of betting.
Another card is shown: Called the turn card.
There is another round of betting.
The final card is called the RIver:
Another round of betting takes place.

Here are just a few basics. More to come.


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