"A number at the time" roulette strategy

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A roulette-strategy that won me 500€ in just a few days before it went down.

What is roulette-strategies?

Since the game of roulette was invented, people have tried to beat it in thousands of different ways. People tried to use different type's of system based on different "laws". One of the most popular ways to try to beat it is using a progression, which basically means that the more you lose, the more you bet. Once you win, you will recoup your losses and make a profit as well.
Other popular ways to play is using "laws of repetition" and basing strategies on the fact that you most likely will never see certain pattern on the results. As an example you will probably never see all 36 numbers come in a row without at least one number repeating itself.

Bankroll Management

What is important to notice is that there are up today no bulletproof systems. By using progressions and basing your bets on the fact that some patterns will never be seen you might get yourself a small edge over the average player. However, random works in a funny way and eventually you will end up losing your money. In order to win, you will need to quit playing before you lose. It is impossible to predict when you will lose, and that makes bankroll-management important. I believe that taking care of your money properly is at least as important as a good strategy. I will present two strategies for this below.

Wins goes into the pocket
Winning chips goes straight to your pocket. This means that you will never recycle any money. Once you win, put the win in your pocket and keep on playing with the original bankroll. This type of management is recommended when you go to the casino and play for fun but still want to have a chance of profiting.

A tad more complicated. This is a more advanced system when you are trying to profit from the game. By splitting all your wins in two parts you will be building your original bankroll while building backup-bankrolls for the day you bust. As an example:

You start out with 100 units. When you are done you have 200 units. Half of this will be kept in the original bankroll to increase bet-size for the next time you play. The other half will be put into building a spare-bankroll for you. Once your first bankroll busts you will hopefully have a few spare ones to keep the game going. One variation is to split the spare-half into two as well, putting half of it in bankrolls and the other half in your pocket.

The strategy

I won quite a bit using this strategy. However, the busts are big and I do not like the big risks involved when it gets to a high level. My last adventure with this one I ended up winning a bet of 4 400 units, which was way to much adrenaline for me.

The idea is to chose between one and six numbers. At the beginning I used to play with only one number. Nowadays I play six. The numbers can be whatever numbers you like and you can change them in between sessions.

You start out by playing one unit on one number. Repeat this 35 times or until you hit a win.

If your first 35 spins fail, you place two units on the same number. Repeat 18 times.

You get the picture?

The progression

35 bets at 1 unit
18 bets at 2 units
12 bets at 3 units
9 bets at 4 units
7 bets at 5 units
6 bets at 6 units
5 bets at 7 units
4 bets at 8 units
4 bets at 9 units
3 bets at 10 units
3 bets at 11 units
3 bets at 12 units
2 bets at 13 units
2 bets at 14 units
2 bets at 15 units
2 bets at 16 units
2 bets at 17 units
2 bets at 18 units
1 bet at 19 units
1 bet at 20 units
1 bet at 21 units
1 bet at 22 units
1 bet at 23 units
1 bet at 24 units
1 bet at 25 units
1 bet at 26 units
1 bet at 27 units
1 bet at 28 units
1 bet at 29 units
1 bet at 30 units
1 bet at 31 units
1 bet at 32 units
1 bet at 33 units
1 bet at 34 units
1 bet at 35 units
1 bet at 36 units


- Never lend money to play!
- Never expect to win!
- See your bankroll as money lost!
- Never play with your rent-money!
- Don't forget to bring your common sense to the tables!
- Never play if you feel regret over losing money!

Now, good luck and see you at the tables!


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