A Chip Leader’s Role in Poker

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At a poker game, the poker player with the highest number of chips is usually termed as the Chip Leader.

Playing Poker – The Role of Chip Leader

The other day I emerged as the winner at a poker game. Luckily, I had got a few good hands in a row. Therefore, I started playing aggressively and managed to hit the flops. This made my fellow players take a note of my game plan, as I accumulated important chips. I went on winning more hands and one of my opponents commented, "Looks like a new chip leader.” In fact, I had won a lot of hands by bullying my raises. Occasionally, I showed my big winning hand after everyone folded. This way they were never sure if I was bluffing or not. Ultimately, I came out as the undisputed winner.

All said and done, I am actually talking about the role of chip leaders in the game of poker. At a poker game, the poker player with the highest number of chips is usually termed as the Chip Leader. Many a times, they are also known as "big stack". The main difference between poker and other casino games is that the former is not played against the house. It is considered as a fun game and players like me who are an addict of poker employ chip tricks like twirl flick and bounce back, adding a new dimension to the game.

Some of the other popular chip tricks are: drifter, lift twirl, top spin, around the clock, look out, finger roll, swirl, twirl hop, and butterfly. The most common trick applied by chip leaders is thumb flip. In this, you need to lift a chip with your thumb and then flip it over to the stacked up chips.

So your first obligation, then, is to congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. When you are a chip leader, one thing you can be assured that no other opponent can force you out of the poker game. It can all change in the blink of an eye if you’re not careful. If you are an amateur poker player, then it is advisable that you should maintain your caution-mixed-with-aggression style of play. If you don’t then it can spell disaster in future. It’s the fastest way for players to make the transition from chip leader to railbird. Take your time and be sure to have a legitimate reason for every play you make at the table.

One of the ultimate benefits of being the chip leader in a poker game is the application of extreme pressure on your other players. You hold the power to send home each and every one of the other players at your table and they know this. Your opponents will be much more cautious for fear of elimination. In fact, you can take good advantage of this situation by increasing your bets. It is more likely that your opponent will get away from most marginal hands early on to avoid committing to a fight that cannot be won.

But here is word of caution. Do not underestimate the players who seem to be undaunted by your display of strength. They are either playing poker to win and not afraid of the prospect of elimination or they simply have a real hand that you are likely an underdog to.

A chip leader and poker players with decent sized chip stacks on the table have to take some added responsibility at this stage of the game. For example, you are the chip leader in a multi-table poker tournament with roughly 20,000 chips and are currently in the small blind. The action folds to you and you notice that the big blind only has 1700 chips left. You hold 10 4 off-suit, a hand that you would typically stay way from, but the correct move here is to put him all-in, based on the fact that you can only lose 1700 chips and you have the opportunity to eliminate another player from the table.

The phrase “chip leader” has an exciting aura about it. But don’t let all of the hype intimidate you. There are surely some poker situations that will arise requiring you to be prepared for them, but it’s nothing to raise a fuss about. The good news is whatever you were doing at the poker table prior to your newfound chip leader status was working and that’s what’s important.


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4th Feb 2011 (#)

hey guys i'm a farely new player to poker and i've noticed that some of the more advanced players use the way in which people bet to figure out what type of hands people have... how do they do this? if you guys can could you pls give me a link i can go to to check out how i can use this or how i can use this to my advantage i'm a controlled player when it comes to poker and i gamble very little and occassionally play a donkey hand to seem like i'm weaker than i am and wait for that monster hand to where odds are heavily stacked in my favour and even then i hardly i make moddest bets and let my opponent shoot themselves and realise once they've put most of their chips and and think they have me beat when i go all in. i used this strategy last night and made a lot of people angry but that just my style i dont want to call it tight but it's controlled very controlled i like to think of it as high percentage i lose a lot of pots playing this way but i win way more... any advice on how i can improve or perfect my controlled way of play?

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