3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 Game - 2D Pixilated World of Dotnia Into 3D

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3D Dot Game Heroes, an Adventure / Action Game which presents 2D style Graphics in a 3D Environment. It is a PS3 exclusive game.

3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 Game - 2D Pixilated World of Dotnia Into 3D

The Game gets shows more resemblances from the old Retro eight bit Games. Gamers have to explore dark undergrounds, solve puzzles, and Collect bonus values resembling the old Classic Games. Player can customize their Sword in Length and in turn find other items like lanterns and bows.

The innovative thing in the 3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 Game is you can create your own 3D Model using the customized editor. Defeat the monsters on its head and collect the monster to get featured in an encyclopedia. The story takes place in the Dotnia Kingdom which needs someone to restore peace in that place. As usual in other tales, there will be an evil Kingdom called Dark King Onyx which is responsible for the Tragedy & Darkness in Dotnia.

One day in the past, the hero rose against the evil but unfortunately he cannot able to make it which drowned DOTNIA in a serious trouble. The main character of the game is believed to be the Grandchild of that Hero who now gets the responsibility to save the place.

Controlling the hero is very simple as only one button is used to use & rotate your Sword. 3D Dot Game Heroes Game is only a 6 to 8 Hour Game but a definite play Game. The recent demo released showcased that Dungeons are very challenging in Solving Puzzles. Each Screen has several monsters you need a key to open the next level.

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