10 Attitudes You Must Learn to Develop to Win the Lottery

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Some tips for betting and winning on the UK National Lottery or any lottery games

10 Attitudes You Must Learn to Develop to Win the Lottery

1. Life is a gamble – There’s a song and a movie which goes by this title but I suppose this is an age old truth. When we had been sent to school at early age our parents spent money to get us on track with education until we ended with a degree. Some didn’t make it and stopped halfway but the money had been spent. Those who finished some degree were not even able to land a job in line with their course of study which makes the money spent in educating them useless. Life is a series of risks; you don’t call it gambling when you have paid for a brand new car but when the car gets messed up in an accident with you in it there you are. You don’t call it gambling when you saved your earnings on a bank but when the economy goes on the downturn forcing the bank to close how you wished you just gambled your earnings knowing how you spent it out. We live our lives with the freewill where to put our interests. We have the basic notion of letting out small money to strike something big and I couldn’t think of any working system in the planet that offers this opportunity but the lottery. If you accept that life is indeed a gamble, then I suppose you have the attitude to be a promising lottery player.

2. Luck isn’t a one-time risk – We ought to be amused at ourselves keeping the notion that we could win the jackpot for risking just a pound of lottery ticket (for Lotto) and £2 for Euromillions. Have you heard of a sharpshooter who risked a single bullet just to become one? There are lucky people in the world who have won jackpots for just a bet in their whole life but it would be a complete waste of time thinking it could happen to one of us. As Confucius put it, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” now if you think a single pound isn’t worth a million (or more) pounds you might as well stop playing the lottery. Many successful people achieved their dreams by focusing on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, in lottery if you lost focus thinking of how much you are spending in it without getting your money’s worth, you are not just fit for the jackpot.
3. It’s all but numbers – Life is ruled by numbers from the moment we were born to the time we will breathe our last. When our end comes, our passing will be marked by the date on the calendar to be inscribed on our gravesite. The reason why I’m being rude about sharing this reality is the fact that many of us had been so lost at our span of life working hard for the money and eventually end wanting more of it (some could be dead lucky if there aren’t hospital bills and burial fees to be settled). Few of course have riches to leave their family for generations but the majority even the rich are still slaves for the money (tell me a billionaire who quitted his post as chairman of the board of his company). Adding a little fun to spice up this boring truth, a little amount sorted out of a small salary could actually be a short cut to the daily trips to the workplace and worshipping your boss against your will. Numbers will eventually caught us in the end but consider those numbers giving us suspended animation before it. The lottery is all about numbers fortunately so on the positive side we still have more chances of winning. Don’t wait for much difficult possibilities when letters are used in the lottery.
4. What makes a winner and a loser – As it was told, a winner is a loser who didn’t quit and a loser is a winner who quitted early as the game goes on playing. Lottery is an ever-repeating game so long as the lottery promoters keep on collecting bets. So it’s amusing really how many players managed to join the club of winners as the frequency of the lottery draw decides. It depends entirely on one’s self imposed principles to believe and play or not to play. If you don’t play, you could rely on your bank savings, businesses, and work compensations and sort this out to distribute in paying your taxes and life’s dues (electric bills, telephone bills, medical expenses, food, clothing, shelter, etc.) which in the end will be enough I hope. Somewhere along the line, we are always tempted of a short cut. Some took risks to rob banks and ruin their image and others have done daredevil stunts to get paid. All it takes is an amount for a bet on your pocket.
5. The clock is ticking – The good thing about lottery is you still have a better surprise to expect in life aside from waiting for your final time. It is given that every one of us will have to endure our life living until we are capable of sustaining life and cease breathing when we can’t keep up the function anymore. Relying on the benefits of work is very practical but that is given as well. What we see as attainable in everything we do are just enough for our particular needs and in most cases even wanting. Even the money you have saved on the bank may not be all secured because anytime the bank could declare bankruptcy and you only get the minimum insurance for that. Think about your bet in the lottery as an aid to charity (for indeed they have charitable cause for it). Remember the saying “those who give it up, has it and those who has it, finally gives it up”? How many billionaires have suffered losses in the ongoing economic crisis? The list is endless, but as an average lottery player you only lose what you bet. When you hit the jackpot before your clock ends up ticking, I bet you get your life’s worth out of it.
6. Stick to your numbers – Many prefer “Lucky Dip” (a computer based number pick) because they wouldn’t want to feel guilty when their numbers show up and they failed to bet. It’s a simple choice between increasing your chances of winning and feeling guilty. Some base their numbers to relevant dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can have your way to pick your numbers. If you dreamed about it, the better but don’t expect to win on it outright. If you ask my tip, I could say you could make one “Lucky Dip” and stick to it all the way.
7. The bigger the jackpot, the more the players – When people learn the jackpot is big, most will be encouraged to bet but the thing is, when many comes to play, everyone’s chances of winning is lessened. The very logic is, how could anyone expect for the lottery jackpot to increase if only few will play? So if you stick a lot to probabilities I suggest you give up the lottery. There are other games that offer greater chances of winning but you can’t expect being a millionaire.
8. Prayers make sense – This idea of course depends on how strong is your faith. For some it is easy for them to accept the hardships of life while keeping on praying at the end of the day, offering thanksgiving for making it to the night without harm and asking for divine guidance the day to follow. Such prayer for divine guidance could be added with some favors for luck. To most people prayers for favors are well proven. To casual believers they couldn’t probably recall when the favors were granted and just come back to pray again when they were in dire need. The term “user friendly” had been associate with computers but if God is anything but a favor granting machine, He would probably sense it if we tend to be “friendly” praying because we have use for Him. We need to be firm believers and we will never know how merciful He is once our wishes had been granted. In lottery, you have to place your bet to be eligible to claim your winnings. There are many stories of personalities who had been showered by blessings all along but failed to open their hands to accept it. If you stick to the same numbers, reality may caught you off guard when the winning numbers resemble your set of numbers and you failed to put a bet on it (it happens to many).
9. Be a good sport – Everything in life is a game, sometimes you win and oftentimes you lose. The common thinking that most lottery players bet to win and not to lose is brought by the fact that nobody knows what winning numbers will come out in each draw. If one has the ability to know what winning numbers will come out, he will probably put a bet on it but the fact that no one knows, everything is purely based upon a positive thinking that whatever numbers the player will choose has the best chance of winning. Lottery will let you learn so much about the acceptance of losing until you have learn so much about it that the lesson of winning comes along unexpectedly.
10. Check your numbers – The National Lottery in the UK website keeps a column of unclaimed prizes. As what the record shows since 25 November 2009 to 30 April 2010, 3 Lotto Jackpots from separate draws remain unclaimed with 10 additional prizes for 5 digit + bonus numbers awaiting claiming as well. Euromillions has two match 5 and one 5 + 1 star winners still unclaimed. With only 180 days allocated for each prize to be claimed after each draw, the winners need not wait that long to claim their prize if they have their ticket. Yet considering the chances that 7 out of 10 has the habit of keeping their tickets elsewhere and dream about winning without checking the results of the draw how could anyone win? If you want to play the lottery and forget about your ticket afterwards you might as well consider playing online (if you’re in the UK and an eligible resident to register a lottery account).


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These are helpful tips for those who want to earn a lottery.

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